Role of non-timber forest products to local people livelihoods in Melut area, Upper Nile State, South Sudan

Shadad Wani Lado WORJA

  •  Year : 2023
  •  Vol : 3
  •  No : 1
  •  Page : 1-7

Non-timber forest products (NTFPs) play an important role in meeting subsistence needs, epically in a remote area of the Upper Nile State of South Sudan. Non-forest products are usually overlooked commodities although they are important products at both the local and national levels. Forests are also rich deposits of biological diversity and provide a large number of poor people with fuel for cooking food and heating their homes, while forest based give many others a source of cash income.  This study was conducted in rural areas around Melut County, North Upper Nile State. The study investigated the non-timber forest products (NFTPs) for local people around the natural forest in melut area, Upper Nile State, South Sudan.

The income generated from the sale of NFTPs is important in covering expenses for other household needs. Besides, forest products contribute to people's cash needs, especially where other income-generating opportunities are absent. Such material, products not only include NFTPs but also timber products, while money can also be earned with forest-based services like quid work. Agriculture is the predominant activity in the study area and is a partnership activity to non-timber forest product exploitation. The study reveals that the local community of the study area depends on natural resources for wood, housing materials, and food.  Households’ assessment of the sale of the forest product, including gums and resins for various purposes. Agricultural income represented the second contribution to the household’s income in the study site. Local people harvested forest products related products to meet their two demands, including for subsistence and generating income by selling timber and NTFPs.

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Role of non-timber forest products to local people livelihoods in Melut area, Upper Nile State, South Sudan, Araştırma Makalesi,
, Vol. 3 (1)
Received : 13.03.2023, Accepted : 30.06.2023 , Published Online : 30.06.2023
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