Investigation of Evapotranspiration of Agricultural Lands in Ereğli/Konya Region with Satellite Images

Sevim Seda Yamaç

  •  Year : 2023
  •  Vol : 3
  •  No : 1
  •  Page : 8-15

Due to factors such as climate change and population growth, the decrease in water resources has made agricultural water management an important issue in recent years. Therefore, the use of satellite-supported systems for agricultural water management is becoming increasingly widespread. These systems offer cost and time advantages for managing water in large areas. One of the most important parameters for agricultural water management is evapotranspiration, which is the process of plants drawing water from the soil, evaporating it, and releasing it back into the atmosphere. For this reason, evapotranspiration data for Konya Ereğli district between 2000-2021 was analyzed using MODIS16 satellite imagery. In addition, the general condition of agricultural land was observed by analyzing NDVI data for the region between 2016-2022 using Sentinel 2 satellite imagery. In addition to these analyses, precipitation patterns between 1981-2021 were also examined. The results showed a general increase in precipitation patterns, which was also observed in the Actual ET data. It was observed that the highest levels of NDVI data were reached during the months of July and August when agricultural activities increased. These data emphasize the importance of satellite-supported systems for agricultural water management and highlight the importance of managing agricultural activities in a water resource-sensitive manner.


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Investigation of Evapotranspiration of Agricultural Lands in Ereğli/Konya Region with Satellite Images, Araştırma Makalesi,
, Vol. 3 (1)
Received : 03.05.2023, Accepted : 30.06.2023 , Published Online : 30.06.2023
Ereğli Tarım Bilimleri Dergisi
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