Capital Structure and Distribution of Agricultural Enterprises Producing Dry Beans; Cumra District Example

Fatma ÇİFTCİ, Cennet OĞUZ, İsmail ÇİFTCİ

  •  Year : 2023
  •  Vol : 3
  •  No : 1
  •  Page : 0-0

The main purpose of the study is to determine the capital structures of the enterprises in Çumra district, which is in the first place in dry bean production in Konya. In the study, the sampling volume was made according to the stratified random sampling method and the data belong to the year 2021. It has been determined that 87.12% of the active capital of the examined enterprises consists of fixed (fixed) assets, and the highest share among the fixed assets belongs to the land capital with 72.52%. In the average of enterprises, 21.34% of the passive capital consists of foreign capital and 78.66% of equity capital. Vegetable production constitutes 74.37% of the gross production value and animal production value 25.63%. The capital turnover ratio, which expresses how many years the enterprise will pay back the total capital of the enterprise with the income obtained as a result of the production activities, has been calculated as 17.1% and the capital rate as 5.95 years. This period is quite a long time and restricts the use of credit by agricultural enterprises, and the farmer avoids taking risks. Considering that there have been extreme dynamic changes in input prices in recent years, it would be beneficial to develop support models according to the scale of enterprises, and to prevent the region from giving up on this branch of production activity by taking policy measures that will allow enterprises to provide loans with appropriate interest rates. In addition, it is thought that it would be beneficial to support agricultural enterprises that grow dry beans in cooperation with the public, civil society and university in the research region in terms of improvement studies, production techniques, input supply, financial resources and technology use.

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Capital Structure and Distribution of Agricultural Enterprises Producing Dry Beans; Cumra District Example, Araştırma Makalesi,
, Vol. 3 (1)
Received : 24.04.2023, Accepted : 30.06.2023 , Published Online : 30.06.2023
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